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Export controls is an intimidating area, especially as the methods and rules have changed since Export Control Reform. We demystify the rules and procedures with our expert staff of former senior government regulators who were lead architects of the revised regulations and who have since advised hundreds of companies, universities, and other organizations.


The added value of Goforth Trade Advisors has helped our clients with practical solutions to complex problems:

Our deep knowledge and unique insight of the new regulations by those who wrote them.
Validate new or existing compliance programs by incorporating the regulator's perspective and key risks.
Develop classification and licensing strategies with the former licensing and commodity jurisdiction directors.
Strategic advice on disclosures, advisory opinions, regulatory changes, and government relations.

Government Relations

We help companies navigate obscure agency processes to build and maintain government relationships, including through the rulemaking process.

Jurisdiction & Classification

We assist companies with classifying their products, data and services for export purposes, including handling submissions for government determinations.

Agency Filings

We guide companies on agency filings for commodity jurisdiction (CJ), commodity classification (CCATS), advisory opinion, agreements, and license requests.

Risk Assessments

We guide companies through the impact of export controls on their specific business operations to develop proactive, forward-looking responses.

Compliance Programs & Audits

We review and test the effectiveness of compliance programs by uncovering gaps and weaknesses while recommending practical corrective actions.

Licensing Strategies

We guide companies on identifying and using export licensing strategies by use of the appropriate authorization or licensing exception or exemption.

Law Firm Support

We work extensively with law firms under the attorney-client privilege to provide lawyers and their clients with our unique insights and expertise.

Consent Agreements

We work with companies on managing consent agreements, including advising on their negotiation, audits and implementing required procedures.

Bespoke Training

Our training services assist companies by providing general awareness and specialized training tailored to the specific business.

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