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Candace M. J. Goforth
Managing Director

Contact Information

126 Briarhurst Road
Amherst, NY 14221
O: (703) 722-8116 ext. 101
F: (703) 982-7711

Government Experience

U.S. Department of State
- Director, Policy 
- Training Officer, Licensing
- Deputy Director, Management
- Compliance Specialist
- Commodity Jurisdiction Analyst
- Senior Agreements Officer
- Licensing Officer
- Liaison Officer, Licensing
- Desk Officer, European Affairs


Candace Goforth is the Managing Director of Goforth Trade Advisors where she provides clients with strategic and practical solutions on defense trade and export control matters.

A subject matter expert on the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and the Export Administration Regulations (EAR), Candace has advised hundreds of clients by providing proactive insight. She is currently a member of the Defense Trade Advisory Group (DTAG) that provides private sector insight to the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls, and is a Board Member for the Society of International Affairs (SIA).

Prior to establishing GTA in 2013, Candace served as the Policy Director in the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls at the U.S. Department of State, which is the authority for interpretation and implementation of the ITAR.  As Director, Candace administered the Department of State’s implementation of President Obama’s Export Control Reform initiative and was intimately involved in the revision of the U.S. Munitions List and the Commerce Control List.  Candace was also a key contributor in the drafting of the specially designed definition and the formulation of the transition plan.

Candace oversaw the Commodity Jurisdiction section which determines whether items are controlled on the U.S. Munitions List or Commerce Control List. Additionally, Candace managed revisions to the ITAR to include export policies related to Dual and Third Country Nationals and the Defense Trade Cooperation Treaties with the UK and Australia.  The formulation of export licensing policies related to particular countries of concern was also under her purview. 

Before serving as Policy Director, Candace was the Division Chief for the Emerging Technologies and Training Division in the Office of Defense Trade Controls Licensing  and was charged with the training of all new Licensing and Agreements Officers.  This involved providing foundational instruction in the ITAR as well as in-depth training in the review and adjudication of export license applications, technical assistance and manufacturing license agreements.  She was responsible for developing and publishing related internal and external guidance on export control policies.   

Candace’s success as the Division Chief responsible for training was due to her hands-on experience as a licensing officer, an agreements officer, a commodity jurisdiction analyst and a compliance specialist.  She is intimately familiar with the documentary requirements for the various authorization requests, commodity jurisdiction submissions and voluntary disclosures, and the related review criteria of the U.S. Government.    

Candace is a perennial speaker on ITAR topics at the basic and advanced levels at conferences and training in the U.S. and abroad.  She maintains strong contacts within the Departments of State, Commerce, Defense, Justice and Homeland Security as well as the National Security Staff. Candace received her Masters of Arts in Security Policy Studies from George Washington University.  She maintains a Top Secret clearance with the U.S. Government.

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